Budget Documents
The  budget preparation process starts in January each year and continues into June.  Preliminary figures are compiled , reviewed, and modified by  management staff, the Finance Director, the City Administrator, and by the appropriate Council  Committees.  The end  result is a "Proposed" Budget Document that is presented to the Budget Committee.  The budget committee is comprised of the Mayor, the City Councilors, and seven (7) citizens appointed by the City Council.  The first budget committee meeting generally occurs in April.  Once the budget committee is satisfied with the Proposed Budget, it is presented to the City Council as an "Approved" Budget.  The council is allowed, by State law, to make some changes or they can adopt (approve) the budget as it was presented to them.  The official "Adopted" Budget is submitted to Lane County and distributed as needed.

The Budget Hearing is conducted in June of each year at the City Council meeting.  After the hearing, the council will consider the resolution to adopt the budget.