Water Conservation

Water conservation is the act of reducing the amount of water that we as water customers use. There are many reasons as to why we should conserve water. One of the biggest reasons is that it saves everyone money on their monthly bill. There are many areas to look at to help reduce your water usage. Some of them are:

  • Watering the lawn – Many people over water the lawn. Make sure that the sprinklers are maintained and only spray water on areas that actually need water.
  • Toilets & other fixtures – Leaking fixtures are a prime source for wasted water. Little drips can add up quickly.
  • Hoses – The hoses we use outside can waste a large amount of water. Leaking hoses and their gaskets are prime areas to watch out for. Many hardware stores sell new gaskets and hose repair kits to fix problems.


With a little time and effort, it is easy to reduce your water use and help save you money.


Please contact Public Works with any questions at (541)998-3125.