City Water Utilities Awarded Outanding Performance
Outstanding Performance

Oregon Health Authority recently recognized the City of Junction City’s public water system as an Outstanding Performer based on a Water System Survey conducted by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Drinking Water Program. This marks the City’s 2nd Water System Survey in a row that has earned the title.

A water system survey is an on-site review of a system’s sources, treatment, storage facilities, distribution system, operation and maintenance procedures, monitoring, and management, for the purpose of evaluating the system’s capability of providing safe water to the public. Systems that are designated outstanding performers will have their water system survey frequency reduced from every 3 years to every 5 years.

There are currently only 301, of the 3,397, public water systems in the State of Oregon that hold the title of Outstanding Performer.  This makes our water system one of the top 8.8% in the state!

The City of Junction City’s water system is a part of the Public Works Department. Junction City has over 2,300 water connections, 5 well houses and a water treatment plant. In addition to water treatment and distribution, the Public Works Department is also responsible for the collection and treatment of wastewater, stormwater, streets, parks, open spaces, building, planning, and sanitation collection in the community.

For more information on Outstanding Performance designation visit the Oregon Heath Authorities website: